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Monday, March 31, 2014

Things I Make: Making My Art Accessible for More Love, Peace and Joy in the World!

City Lore is opening a new gift shop and my friend and best model ever, Elena Martínez, got them interested in my work by wearing some of my jewelry. Since I am sending them some pictures of the things I do, I thought I would make it a blog post and share with you as well. If you want to see in person, visit the new CityLore Gift Shop! Or join my VIP list for an exclusive invitation to visit my studio for tea!

Greeting Cards, to see the images available for greeting cards and prints, visit my YellowButterflyShop in Etsy

Little Universes, hand-painted necklaces, 3/4", now $12

Magical Medallion Set, Hand-painted 1.5" medallion, $30

Eros and Psyche Beaded Set, $32
Mary Magdalene beaded set, $32

Sophia's Light, Mystical Poetry Book, edition of 100, a pendant with chain necklace $20
Art Medallions Ready for a necklace, $12 choose a ribbon, leather or chain necklace
Miniature book pendants (blank) $10
Little Universe Set, $15 (different colors, hand-painted)
Rhinestone Set, $32 (several colors, hand-painted)
Taíno Set, $20 (other Taíno designs available)
Pins and Necklace (many images available)
Hibiscus Muse, , 6" x 6", acrylic on tile, 2014.
Jasmines Muse, 6" x 6", acrylic on tile, 2014. $50

Pins on mosaic tiles, $3

 More examples:

Matted mini print (without frame) 5" x 7" (mat)

Matted print, 11" x 14 (mat)

Matted print (11 x 14", 8" x 10" and 5" x 7" mat sizes ) Many other images available.

Poetry Prints (this one is for girls), (11 x 14", 8" x 10" and 5" x 7" mat sizes ) Other poems available.

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