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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday, February 05, 2010

Lola Rodríguez de Tió

One of my dreams is to create a mosaic mural in the crib of my soul, San Germán, Puerto Rico.  In the image you see golondrinas (swallows), because we all grew up singing the San Germán Anthem: "Porque allí no se ven golondrinas, como siempre las vemos aquí"(because there you don't see swallows, as we always see them here). It was not written by Lola, but I found this poem that mentions birds, that is very appropriate. A bird flies, a bird sings, a bird creates life and makes the sky more beautiful. The hibiscus are the flowers that grew next to my grandmother's house, and that I relate to San Germán. And they are red and colorful and open to the world and to the birds. The obvious is mandatory, the Porta Coeli, but the old view of it, the way it used to look when I was still living there.

Mary Magdalene of the Roses arrives at her new home

¡Por fin llegó a su casa! She finally made it to her new home!
Here is "the artist's corner" at Holy Rosary Church in East Harlem, where my Free 2010 workshops take place once a month.

New Mosaic Designs: Side Panels for 2009 Mural

The white dots coming from the sky are going to be mirrors or some fancy tiles, representing: Wine, amrita, ambrosia, dew, tea, elixir, honey, virgin's milk References to a secret or forbidden drink appears in the writings and songs of initiates throughout the world. It is a drink that imparts wisdom, inspiration, prophecy, divine madness, and bliss.