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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have been working on the new website, and part of that work is to find images I want to place there. Here are some slideshows of the images I have so far.

And take a look at this: the first piece I made when I moved to this house where I live now. I was into doing portraits back then, and as I was unpacking, I found some photos. I used images and symbols of my childhood and adulthood in this portrait. It is mostly about the sadness I felt all the time and how it had never gone away. I wrote some poetry on it as well, I don't remember what I wrote though.

My friend Verónica saw the picture and wanted to buy it. She is probably the only person I could have sold it to, but she liked it that much and has carried it with her since then. Actually, I think her friend Don has it now. He was the one who shared this picture with me. Here it goes. Thanks Don!

Watercolors Slideshow

Cuerpo de batalla

Some drawings

Another Slideshow!