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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

New Hand-Painted Jewelry

These mini abstract paintings are made with pearlescent acrylic inks on rives paper. In the first photo you can see part of the original painted paper. I then look for a composition I like, and cut it to size. To complete the piece,  I choose a setting and place the painting under a glass cabochon. These are the ornate pieces. The new round large Magical Medallions are also finished. Coming soon! (Or come by and visit for a better look!)   

Inner Earth Set.

Inner Earth Small Medalion

Purple Spirit Lights Set.

Pink Expansion Set. Delicate pink for sweet thoughts and friendship.

Blue Water Set. 
Blue like the Caribbean Sea… If we can't be there, we can carry it close to the Heart.

Yellow Flight Earrings.

Purple Spirit Set.

Green Universe Earrings. Green full of Hope.

Do you recognize the model!?