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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I See Angels

I See Angels
 by Tanya Torres  
Oil on Canvas, 48” x 36”, 2016.

I am getting ready for a one day event and exhibition this Friday with a group I belong to called "7 mujeres en movimiento," or "Seven Women in Movement." The exhibition is titled My Art, My Spirit.  (Here is your invitation!)

I am bringing Mary Magdalene of the Bees, Emergence and this painting, titled I See Angels. This is the writing that will accompany the piece:

When  I was 23 I had a friend who believed in angels. She also believed in fairies and all the beings of a spiritual world I couldn’t see. I still can’t see or believe the way other people believe. Yet I have many times felt the bliss and the joy of being in communion with that invisible world that most people insist on describing with anthropomorphic images and concepts.

I See Angels is a painting about that abstract experience of joy and communion. An experience that is felt, and hopefully, not preached about ordescribed in words. It is personal and mystical. It is a work of the imagination. 

And Imagination is truly what I believe in. I believe in creating our own path, our own joy, our own image of the Divine. I believe in the energy that envelopes all that we see and feel, and I believe in the active participation and creation of the spiritual world by the Human mind. I believe in freedom, and in free will, and that color and the act of creation are a medium through which we can transmit our prayers to the Universe and to the hearts of other human beings.

I also believe that you should not believe what I believe. So this painting is really about whatever you see and feel and experience when you encounter it.