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My Art at Home

Here are some of my paintings, resporductions, art tiles and art bags with their owners and in people's homes. 
Send me your pictures! (Click on any picture to see a slide show.)
At the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, with Stephanie and Jessica (Director)

Mary Magdalene in the Garden at Elvia's county home in Puerto Rico

Mary Magdalene of the Butterflies (Original) at Priscilla's home in New Mexico.

Sonsiris' Altar with Blue Hair

A commission for Jasmine

Jasmine with her painting.

Yolanda's Oracle card of the day!
Yolanda models a hand-painted necklace.
Mima with Bomba medallion.
My Facebook friend Zacarías with three framed prints at home.

Framed Prints by Patricia

Mary Magdalene of the Tears in the livingroom shrine at Michelle Schoppe's home.

Michelle can see Mary Magdalene of the Hibiscus from her bed!

Detail of Michelle's living room shrine.
Sacred Heart of the Earth at Natasha Chandiramani's home.
Mary Magdalene of the Roses (Interpretation: acrylic on tile, 6" x 6", 2013) comissioned by East Harlem Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito for Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulín.
A grandma wears Sacred Heart of the Earth earrings.

Goddess Art Bag went home with this beautiful young woman, Sonia Pena, VP of Marketing for Coquito Flaco.
My greeting cards at La Casa Azul Bookstore

Poetry mural at Rosa Velazquez's bathroom. See the videos below (sorry, they came out sideways...)


Maruxa recently shared this photo!

Framed Mini-Prints shared by Elisa. 

Eros and Psyche in my father's bathroom in Puerto Rico.

Gift given by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health to their honoree, Lourdes Rivera.
Frame: Tile Frames

Mary Magdalene and Sara at Clemencia's Home Altar.

Hand-painted greeting card framed by Judimar.

At Luis Lassen's home.

Migdalia Santiago's bag.

Migdalia with her art bag.

Corazón Tierra with her art bag.

An art bag for Yarisa Colón.

Back of bag.

Perfect model, Yarisa, with a great painting in the background by Josué Guarionex
At Holy Rosary Church in East Harlem.

Patricia's Wall

Jasmine and her painting, ready to go home.

Infinite Mercy, painted for Jasmine.

Sonsiris' Altar

Priscilla's Home

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    • Cesarea at Dawn Greeting Card for Kimberly

      A very talented artist and super sweet seller to do business with. I bought the “Cesarea at Dawn” print to honor my son’s C-section birth. It is a rare thing that I see a woman honoring a C-section birth like Tanya has in her painting, and that's what makes her and her work so special. P.S. I just love the extra little print you enclosed. Thank you! xoxoxo