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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Mural in Progress

It is very hard to start something so big... but once I placed the first tile, I couldn't stop.
A few weeks ago I had created the design and assembled some of the mesh on wax paper. Then on Thursday, I created tile frames for the two side panels. Last week, the children in my art class at P.S. 57 helped trim the printouts and assemble one of the panels. Then I finished doing the rest with my friend Raquel. Finally, I gathered the courage to put the whole mural together. It looked like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

The work you see here is for the left side panel, a young aztec dancer surrounded by nature, sky, butterflies and a snake. I used an image from the Aztec dance presentation that a wonderful couple of Aztec dancers, created last year with the children.