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Sunday, January 31, 2016

San Germán

I am almost on my way to Puerto Rico to paint this mural in my hometown, San Germán. My word for this year is "big" so why not start with an 8" x 16" mural? I will be posting about the process in Facebook, and here, if everything goes well!

I am looking forward to the process of painting the mural and I have been assured help! It is always a little scary to do something big, but it is also exciting to be able to realize this dream.

The poem: This is the only poem I have written in a long time. I was empty of words. But I love this town, so I wrote.

Amado pueblo, a ti regreso 
cada vez quemo alma busca reposo del gran mundo. 

A veces, aquellas golondrinas que se fueron un día, 
se posan firmes  en los recuerdos inventados del destierro.  

Quien ha crecido en ti 
nunca se olvida de esas formas 
que por siempre llenan 
las proporciones íntimas de la belleza. 

Tus adoquines escondidos, 
tus túneles secretos, 
tu geografía llena de alturas, 
tus breves calles donde cada tarde 
corre el agua que limpia los recuerdos, 
cumplen con la promesa que me hiciste 
cuando me marcaste  
con ansia de belleza. 

 Esas calles vacías a mediodía, 
llenas de la historia que brilla  
en cada uno de tus muros,  
y del sol en que rade tu présente, 
son el elixir de la ausencia impuesta. 
Pueblo antiguo, pueblo mío, 
esta sed de armonía  
solo tus verdes lomas 
calman entera.  


Beloved town, to you I return,
whenever my soul seeks rest from the great world.

Sometimes, those swallows that one day left you,
perch firmly on the invented memories of exile.

Those who grew up in you
never forget those forms
that will always fill
our intimate proportions of beauty.

Your hidden cobblestones,
your secret tunnels,
your geography full of heights,
your brief streets where every evening
the water that cleans all memories flows,
they all fulfill the promise that you made me
when you marked me
with the need for beauty.  

Those empty streets at noon,
full of history that shines
in each of your walls,
and of the sun in which your present burns,
they are the elixir of imposed absence.

Old town, my town,
this thirst for harmony
only your green hills
can fully quench.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mary Magdalene of the Bees

Mary Magdalene of the Bees, by Tanya Torres.
Oil on Canvas, 40" x 30", 2016.
Mary Magdalene of the Bees is finally finished! I still need to take a good photo, but wanted to share it with you now.

Many of my paintings are inspired by readings, and by documentaries about science, archaeology and history. When I encounter an idea that gives me a clear image in my mind, I paint it.

This new painting is inspired by a theory about Mary Magdalene by two archaeologists who traced the origins of an ancient manuscripts from early Christian times and managed to connect Mary Magdalene to the goddess Artemis. This was a surprise to me. I had never before encountered such a connection. 

Every time I find ideas like this, they inspire me because that is precisely the reason why I am attracted to Mary Magdalene. She has something to offer everyone, even those who don't believe in anything. That is for me a true source of spiritual wisdom: she is the saint/goddess/sprit who does not discriminate. 

In this painting she has acquired the qualities of the life-giving earth, with 7 bees hovering around the great flower of her heart. Her tears are the rivers that nourish the soil, and all that grows in it. 

I invite you to read more in this post at my new website, Magdalene.org and join me this year in painting Mary Magdalene. I have 50 small canvases waiting for her image in preparation for the Mary Magdalene Promesa Celebration, which is confirmed for July 22, 2016. This will be a beautiful year! 

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year, Happy New Start!

Happy New Year!

Mary Magdalene of the Bees, work in progress, by Tanya Torres (No bees yet!)

I welcomed this New Year like a thirsty person welcomes a glass of water. I wanted this feeling of possibility and newness to push me forward. I know it's all mental, and in fact I started going with the impulse about a month ago (so that the New Year would find me prepared for the ride). Now that the New Year arrived, the feeling is complete. And it starts with this post from my new project, Magdalene.org.

Lesa Bellevie, the original creator of the site, gave me this wonderful gift to do with it as I wished, and while it took me a while to work on it, I began one sleepless night at 4 a.m. I can't sleep well when I feel unproductive…

I sat down and created the basic structure of the site, and published it. No more waiting, I will work with it and grow it as I grow.

So here I share the first post of this year. Please join me in this new year of art!


This year I want to dedicate a large portion of my time to my Magdalene painting practice and growing Magdalene.org. Some plans for the year are to paint numerous small Magdalenes on canvas and to host the Mary Magdalene Celebration here in NYC on July 22, 2016. (Save the date!)

I wish that my Magdalene partner and muse, Raquel Z. Rivera, could be here to sing her Magdalene songs, but even if she is not, we will have our Mary Magdalene Celebration and play her songs. Some friends have already agreed to join me and bring their own creations to make the celebration even more special. I will share more about this once I have a place, time and image for the invitation! 

The first step for this goal is to create a painting for the invitation, which will be Mary Magdalene of the Bees. I wanted to finish it before the New Year, but decided it was better to go lovingly slow. Like most paintings, it shows me where I should go instead of faithfully following the original design. A flower heart, after all, makes sense for the bees! Here is a preview of the work in progress for Mary Magdalene of the Bees:

I look forward to a blessed year full of energy and creativity! I hope you will join me in this journey!