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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Progress for the last two weeks

The Aztec dancer girl is done. This is the boy that goes on the other side of the main part of the mural. I also started the large part and it is going well.

I'm out of words and out of breath, too. I have been working consistently (and long hours) this week and have accomplished a lot. Most days I end up wit my whole body in pain, especially my hands. I don't think I have finished half of the mural, but I'm getting close. I only have two more months, but need at least two weeks to mount it on the wall and grout it. So I don't have too much time and have to continue working at this brutal pace. I now know I can do anything I set out to do! I only have to work this way. I miss walking in the city, but can't complain: this is how I want to live. (With really long vacations, of course!)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

First panel (almost) done

I've been working on this all day, only stopping for food, water and a little love from my son. I'm not compeltely done, but must wait for the black and green tiles to arrive in order to finish. I'm note really done yet for today since I expect to finish the feathers on the girl's head, but tomorrow I'll finally go on to the center and largest panel.

Left panel of the mural

Face of the Aztec dancer (she is in costume, a girl learning dance and culture, and transported into a new world through dance and music)

The blue butterfly is for Raquel!