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Friday, January 16, 2009

What I do to rest from the mural

This is Corazón, the dancer and creative soul who inspired me to create this bag for her dance slippers as a birthday gift. The reaction of the guests inspired me to create some more paintings for a line of purses/totes.  The last one, the Spiral, is also meant as an example for a workshop at Columbia Presbyterian with the Narrative Medicine group I attend. The workshop is meant to help patients use color and art to generate a state for happiness to facilitate healing (more about this later in  my other blog Hoy, artista.)

Corazón con su bolso mango al crochet, pintura sobre tela de algodón cosida al bolso.

Besada por las estrellas/Kissed by the Stars
Chica con flores en el pelo/Girl with Flowers
Niña del carnaval/Carnival Girl

Mujer y ave/Woman and Bird