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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Hoy, Artista: Travel Begins

My long trip begins tomorrow. My husband and I are taking off for 2 full months. Our son is grown. Our building is functioning, for now. Our families are o.k., for now. Our health is fine, for now. Now, there is a window, and we are jumping out of it before life catches up to us again. It's a gift for many years of building a life.

And it is also an opportunity, a relief. A chance for inspiration. An opening for the self to release and inspire. A breath after a long journey.

I leave with the hope of emptying my being of all that I no longer need. And with the wish of filling my mind and my soul with something new. A new feeling, a new idea, a new hope, a new vision.

Too much hope for one little trip, even if it is 2 months long!

We begin in Barcelona. Will be posting.