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Friday, April 04, 2014

Union-Lovers in Nature

UnionAcrylic on Canvas, 10" x 10", 2014.

As I prepare for upcoming exhibitions, I am painting pieces that revisit my most loved themes, a kind of personal mythology that guides me in communicating through art. It doesn't matter how many times you paint a basic idea, it is always different, and you always find in yourself a new feeling and a new development.

Painting Union, as well as some others I will be sharing as they are finished, the idea that we are literally a part of the earth, made of the same substance and continually growing and evolving in nature guided me. This idea struck me many years ago when I heard a scientist mention it. (I wrote his name somewhere but all I remember he is called David, and must be well known because these were the times when I used to watch the Discovery Channel with my son.)

Raising my child has been an enlightening experience in many ways, and one is watching documentaries with him. A lot of my art comes from those ideas where science and myth intertwine.

Love and the soul as a theme never leaves me, in part because when I publish a drawing or painting, people respond enthusiastically. It touches some deep yearning we all carry, explained in myth as the union of love and the soul, and the search of the soul for its completing part.

Women often ask me for images of a couple to place in their bedroom, for Feng Shui purposes, because the physical reality should reflect the wishes of the soul so that they may come true.

I paint this for my friend who warned me she no longer had lonely figures in her home since she wants love, real and passionate and fulfilling. And I paint it for nature itself, as the priests and priestesses of the past blessed the earth with the sacred act of love. I paint to bless the earth and ourselves with my own thoughts and feelings. And I paint it for myself, and for you, for we all are human and we all want and perceive the joy that the union of physical, emotional and spiritual love bring the soul.

This one is titled Union, and I leave the rest to your vivid imagination, and to your own (avail)ability for spiritual feng shui.

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Union may be reserved and will be available for sale in July. To add Union to your collection, please email me. $400. Payment plan available.

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