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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Interview with Lesa Bellevie of Magdalene.org

Mary Magdalene of the Heart, Oil on canvas, 16" x 20", 2010

I remember answering this interview during my trip to Puerto Rico in 2010, at the airport, in preparation for presenting the Magdalenes at the Porta Coeli Museum of the Institute for Puerto Rican Culture in my hometown San Germán. It was one of the most magical and wonderful times in my entire life.

Here it is, thanks to Lesa Bellevie, who despite the obstacles life presents us, persevered in publishing it.

As I was revising my own thoughts from 2010, I found that there was little to change, just updates on Raquel's and my life.

Now that I am preparing to celebrate Mary Magdalene once again this year, this time in Albuquerque where Raquel now lives, revisiting the interview was not only a refresher on how to word my own feelings and ideas about the Magdalene, but a reminder of why I paint and why I keep going along this beautiful path.

Here it is, Part I: http://www.magdalene.org/tanya-torres-interview-1/
And here is Part II: http://www.magdalene.org/tanya-torres-interview-2/


Arelis Figueroa said...

You go..You both are doing a great job and a great contribution to theology, the church, believe or not.. and the world.


gretchen said...

tanya, i was delighted to see the first part of your interview with lesa on her website. congratulations! i've been doing some reading on m.m. lately and am in the midst of 'the meaning of mary magdalene' by cynthia bourgeault. have you read this one? the more that i read, the more fascinated i am. sending blessings!

mary jane miller said...

I would very much like to meet you, share with you.
Your words and insights are education oriented and filled with resources for a better world and more Christ consciousness and Women's issues. Curious, if you might read 6 pages from my 80 manuscript. I have in mind to publish a Book on new theology within the practice of writing ICONS.The artwork and image is particularly inspired by Gnostic Gospel text, insights and reflections on the absence of Women in iconography and Mary Magdalene. The book will come to be full color since the commentary is juxtaposed to original contemporary icon images.
You are a verbal authority on what i have been steeped in through painted image. I would appreciate the opportunity to share with you the visuals and see what you think. It would be an honor, peace and thank you Mary Jane Miller contact thewayoficons@aol.com