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Friday, October 01, 2010

Song of the Magdalene: Mary Magdalene of the Heart

Mary Magdalene of the Heart, Oil on canvas, 16" x 20", 2010

An ancient Egyptian quote reads: "The Heart is the source of all knowledge." In my paintings, this is the meaning of the heart. Mary Magdalene meditates with her heart, made visible here. We process information with our mind, but we really get to learn it when we distill it in our heart. What good are numbers or facts or theories if we cannot use them for a noble purpose?

Mary Magdalene learned about love, and this knowledge transformed her by letting her shed her old self to become what we call a saint, or an enlightened being through whom love flows directly from the Source. In order for this to happen, her entire being must have had become connected to her heart. The teachings she received were transformed into knowledge at the center of her being, where her purity and innocence remained intact behind all the layers of life she must have carried as a human being, just like each of us.

In the chakra system, the heart chakra is at the center of the chest. It stands for love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, renewal, harmony, growth and peace. Mary Magdalene's heart is filled with all of these, and with fire. In the passionate fire of the heart, we patiently simmer all that is good until we create the healthy concoction that sustains us and gives us a clear perception of all that surrounds us. It is the antidote to fear and the elixir of a purposeful life.

Is there any other purpose to life than love? When we light it with the fire of passion, it melts the ice that fear tries hard to keep unthawed.


ASIRAY said...

"Is there any other purpose to life than love?" great question to begin each day! Gracias!

Maria Mar said...

Ah, my friend, thanks again for lighting my day.

This Magdalene reminds me of the place of alignment with one's Divine I Am. It is a meditation I do at least once a day. It aligns my Ego-self, my Divine I Am or higher self and my Circle of Light, my spiritual interdimensional family of souls. When the alignment is in place, I feel like your Magdalene looks, bathed in love, one with all and with the power of the universe pulsating within me. It is a gift to see this beautiful place portrayed and connected to Mary Magdalene.

I also feel that I am seeing an egg of pure joyful love!

Light and love,
Maria Mar

Anonymous said...

Que bello esta esta . No la habia visto Hermos!! Como todas!!!

Rose will be Rose said...

Bellisima obra llena de amor y espiritu : )