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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mosaic Counter and Backsplash

The Kitchen Mosaic is finally done! Here are the photos and a little video to see the whole kitchen. Plus some photos of Katherine's table, always set and always beautifully creative! 

The paintings on the cabinets are by another artist. Katherine's house is literally full of art and crafts. It is like entering a wonderland, especially in the first floor where the kitchen is located. 

Front view. 

Detail of countertop.

Detail of backsplash.

Katherine loved the little butterfly that flies away. I had to adjust a piece over an outlet, and this little butterfly didn't want to go back home with me!

 Video of the kitchen.

Katherine's whimsical table! This time it was decorated with african motifs. The brownstone still have most of its original details. The library is a writer's dream. And the back patio is a little wild, with roses and sculptures. I love it!

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