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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Magical Medallions Updated

Here are some of the completed Magical Medallion Sets.

I also want to share an invitation:

See the special prices when you join my new VIP List! This is just a fun name so I can build a new list for people who want to see more of what I do or would like to see new pieces first. Plus, get 10% off in my Etsy Store, Art by Tanya Torres forever, and a special invitation to tea or coffee in my studio.

Warm Lights $32

Magical Butterfly $22

Pink and Black Mysteries $32

Ocean Elegance $32

Pink, Blue, Green Fairies $27

Purple Galaxy Wrapped in Blue $32

Amber Tiger $32 Reserved

Warm Illumination $22

Detail Warm Illumination

Jupiter $30 

New Mexico Sky $30

Purple Sky $30 Sold

Myth $30

Mysical World $30

Earth $30 Sold

Hope $16



Venus Love $30

Path $30

Oceans $12

Pink Path $30

Divine Dream $30 Sold

Blue Ocean of the Earth $30

Playful Sky $30 Sold

Blue Path $30

Peaceful Sky $30 Sold

Next week in the VIP List my new Fridas on tile, and in the coming weeks, new paintings.

And one more thing. These are the meanings of my colors, and my intentions as I paint with them:

  • White: Purity, light
  • Pink: friendship, tender love
  • Blue: Peace, lightness, embrace, masculine energy
  • Yellow: Wisdom, flight
  • Orange: Dancing, warmth, soul fire, happiness
  • Red: Energy, passion, burning love
  • Purple: Spirituality, dignity
  • Green: Hope, healing, Mother Nature
  • Magenta, Fuchsia: Feminine energy, spiritual flight
  • Black: Silence, inner rest

I send you lost of love, peace and joy in this beautiful day!

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