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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Magical Medallions

If you ever went to one of my events, you probably have seen these.

Magical Medallion Set with 1.5" medallion, $30.
Little Universes, 3/4" medallions, $15.

My friend Elisa Montesinos called hers a Magical Medallion. She just moved to Venezuela and sent me a photo wearing the necklace I gave her before leaving. Notice that when you wear one of these, you get to go somewhere with palm trees and sand.

Elisa in Venezuela.

I thought I would share a little of how the magic is done.

After falling in love with a jar of blue ink, I bought a set. Then I started playing with the inks on BFK Rives paper. I no longer remember why I thought of using the little paintings for jewelry, but when I placed glass on top of the first compositions I made, alchemy happened.

Last night I created a new series. Here they are before cutting them. After they dry, I look for the special places where the colors mix and swirl and blend. I find a composition that looks like a universe. Then I turn each circle into 1.5" or 3/4" medallions, some with matching earrings. They are originals made with love, my kind of magic! 

Magic Medallions in progress. Can you find the painting that matches each?

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