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Friday, November 15, 2013

Reve de Femmes- Rêv'Elles Agenda Lunaire 2014

I got the package a couple of days ago:

This fun witch was inside. "Wow, how different from last year's agenda," I thought!

Then looked for my piece in it. By now I had forgotten which images I sent. In fact, when I got an email recently telling me about the upcoming agenda and where should they send it, I had forgotten all about it. I never assume that anything I send will be published, even if it is directly requested like the images for this were. Also, it is great to forget because then you can feel the emotion twice! Now that I had my new agenda, I will forget less. Although, to tell you the truth, it is too pretty to write on!!

Ok, so I looked for my piece, and found it:

It's Mary Magdalene of the Moon! Very witchy! And I got the month of December, for my birthday.

Then something interrupted the flow of emotion, and I put it back in the envelope.

Yesterday, my facebook friend Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné posted her piece and the agenda, 

I love Danielle's artwork!!!

and I felt so embarrassed that I had not done it yet. When is it that I will thank the wonderful women of Reve de Femmes for their outstanding work, and for the kindness of including my work in it? Today is the day.

So I opened my package again, and took out the agenda to scan it. But I took it out backwards, and this is what I saw:

Goddess of Rebirth, Swiftness, and Charm by Tanya Torres, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16, 2013, commissioned by Elisa Evora.
I had nobody to celebrate with because it is early in the day and I am alone in my studio. So I am celebrating with you!

Thank you Reve de Femmes for including my work in this wonderful publication next to so many other women who are working with the theme of the Sacred Feminine. You are so far away in France, but thanks to the Internet, we are now all near, connected and working to improve the lives of all people through beauty, joy and companionship. I feel very lucky and honored to be in this publication.

If you would like to order yours, support the work of these women from France, who somehow find artists from all over the world to create a wonderful work of art in its own right, visit this page: http://www.revedefemmes.net/pages/catalogue.php?famille=Agendas


Juli Laro (Juliaro) said...

Felicitaciones!! Soy Juliaro yo tambien participo de la agenda y me ha envantado tu contratapa!!!


Hoy, artista said...

Hola! Muchas gracias!!! Es un un proyecto maravilloso y no deja de sorprenderme que me hayan pedido participar. Me encantó tu Isis embarazada!!!! Es un honor estar junto a ti y tantas artistas maravillosas en la agenda!