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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sophia's Light, A Miniature Pendant Book Inspired by the Teachings of Mary Magdalene

This beautiful Mary Magdalene was carved by artisans Marta Rodríguez Olmeda and her apprentice Bárbara and given to me as a gift during the Mary Magdalene Celebration in July. Here she taking care of my little pendant book. The rocks are gifts by my friends!
I don't know how my friend Giorgia knew it, but she sent me a rock from California! Thank you Giorgia! The rock does not appear here, because I just got it a few days ago. But it is now in the middle of the ones above, with Mary Magdalene, on my desk.

And my new little book is with the Magdalene, too. Why? Because these are the poems I wrote after reading and writing and thinking about her, and painting her image.

This is the English version of Destellos de Sofía, but smaller and wearable. I have been looking for ways to make my art both accessible and relevant to everyday life. This is one way I found to be next to your heart!

While I made sure that the poems are readable in the book pages, the experience requires intimacy and, well, eyeglasses? Because this illustrated, handmade, hand-cut, braided, and beloved book is so small, I am sharing the poems here, a gift from deep within my heart.

If you would like one of the books in this edition of 100 (still in the making... but I have a few ready), just email me [tanyaetorres[at]yahoo.com] or visit my Etsy shop to order. The price is $20. Free shipping.

Here are the poems, from my heart to yours:

Sophia's Light

This is the first time,
that I don’t miss the memory
of memory.

First time present.

First time,
I let my heart speak,
and I listen.

Invocation for Enlightened Words

Let there be light!
Light, Light!
For the creatures
of wombs,
for the creatures
of minds.

Light, Light!
That travels and dances,
and lands,
on each word offered.
For its surrender,
for its redemption,
for its eternal life.

Light, light!
For words that
in their crib covered
with tries,
will grow,
inside the deep refuge
of time.

The River

Water runs through this warm river,
where my feet rest,
where I let flow all that is trapped,
together with that little snake,
that slithers afraid,
among stones and water,
among black sand and slime,
among transparent leaves,
and currents without any other course
but the one dictated by
its small destiny.

Water goes on flowing
and it does not take me,
as would be my wish,

Now comes the wind
to kiss my hair,
Water calms this fire,
but wind,
enlivens it until I burn.

I let my feet be in the water and look
at the rocks.

Your name is engraved on them.
It is written deeper than
any other name,
More alive on the stones of the river,
and on the stone
that wants to be
my heart.

In your arms

In your arms
is heaven,
in your eyes,
is glory,
in your hands,
is happiness,
in your lips,
is truth.

At your feet,
all desire,
at your voice,
the answer,
at your body,
I postrate myself,
at your light,
I surrender.

In your arms,
I die,
in your arms,
I ascend,
to the light
of your love.


Today you will be with me in Paradise.
You will rise,
dress and eat,
and trust that light will never leave you.

Today you will be with me in Paradise.

When tears flow down the scars
of your past,
your face will be the Earth,
that pregnant with the seeds
of a future,
turns water into life.

Today you will be with me in Paradise.
You will take just one step,
to radiance, hope, beginning,
and I will be in you,
as you will be in me,
and we will rest,

Today you will be with me in Paradise.
One thousand doves,
will wake up in your chest,
and when they fly,
they’ll saturate all you can see,
with possibilities.

Today you will be with me in Paradise.
We will erase together,
regrets, mistakes.
We’ll hold each other,
and the entire world,
in the great crevice,
that love opens.

Today you will be with me in Paradise.
Hold me as I hold you.
Our truth holds us:
a cradle for the future.

Today you will be with me in Paradise.
Pain has fulfilled its only purpose, and
It is finished.


what infinite openings
do you hold in your hands,
raised to the height of your breast?

What does your smile say?
What do you keep hidden
from my sightless eyes?

What possibilities
do you hold in your small hands?
Is it the sphere of an atom,
or thousands of universes scattered
among their timeless frontiers?

In your closed eyes,
in your sweet smile,
immersed in the awareness
of the fruit of your womb,
in your eternal presence,
in your mute sweetness,
you invoke the invisible,
purity of love.

Song to the Heart

A heart alone,
opens with passion,
for it is road and way,
to creation.

A heart alone,
only knows how to feel,
when its eternity,
lets itself be discovered.

A heart alone,
that knows how to forgive,
does not carry a weight,
other than its great kindness.

A heart alone,
beats with compassion,
the guide that brings it,
to heaven and love.

Only in the heart,
truth expands,
only in the heart,
eternity is born.

I Was

I was a woman,
who loved.
Now I am love.

I was a woman,
who looked up to the sky, and wished to fly.
Now I am flight.

I was a mother,
and today I am creation.

I was voice, warmth
and the resounding flow of blood
within the borders of my body.
Now I am silence that rests
in the coming and going
of my beloved hearts.

I was that which reflected a shadow,
Now, I am intense light,
in the infinite space of my being.

I was a limit in time,
but today, wholeness embraces me, 
and I embrace wholeness.

I was many things that come to an end.
Now I am infinite eternity,
Within each new and small sprouting of life.

I still am who I always have been. 


Divine Light,
who guides my attempts,
here is my heart empty of truths,
and everything that remains pure in me,
I offer you.

Conscience of presence
in which the fire of light burns,
brand me with passion,
impetus and vehemence,
and my muteness, destroy it
with all the clear sounds  
of silence.

If I’ve been deaf or blind,
if I haven’t known
how  to receive
the penetrating fragrance  
of your constancy,
touch in my mouth so I might feel the prints
of your divine fingers,
and the melancholy taste
of the embrace
that envelops consciousness.

Now that I come to you with all my senses,
reflect on me the light of your purity
and give me a waken palate.
If I could learn to taste
ecstasy in your presence,
I would no longer need to carry
the hard shell of desire.

Only love softens the hardness,

with which a rock covers its tenderness.

 Sophia's Light by Tanya Torres, A Miniature Pendant Book, Edition of 100, 2013. $20. Free Shipping.

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