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Monday, September 26, 2011

Destellos de Sofía (Shimmers of Sophia)

A Miniature Book by Tanya Torres
Limited edition of 50 handmade books.
8 poems, 11 drawings
Spanish text
English version now available in Miniature Book Pendant Format: Sophia's Light

Dear Friends,
This is Destellos de Sofía, my latest miniature book. It is the product of 2 years of writing and drawing poetry and images in which I explore the things I learned during the time I painted my Mary Magdalenes. These are the shimmers of wisdom that she gave me.

Like all shimmers of wisdom, the poems in this book arrived in response to my interaction with the world. They hold images and feelings, words and thoughts that seek to catch a glimpse of the sacred in different life situations.

They begin with an Invocation to let the creative energy flow. Each poem continues the journey:

El río (The River),
with its steady flow and refracted rays of light welcomes us to open the heart.

En tus brazos (In Your Arms)
is a poem for invoking the sacred in romantic love. It is for reading to our beloved, imagined or real, human or divine, quietly or aloud, in order to invoke a sacred union.

Palabras (Words)
is a poem to bring forth a new beginning when we are feeling oppressed by our perceived reality.

Écfrasis (Ekfrasis)
is a meditation on the figure of the Mother.
Canción al corazón (Song to the Heart) is a song to remind our heart of its true nature and purpose.

Fui (I Was)
is a poem for expressing sympathy. It is a response to loss by reimagining death with pantheistic vision.

Sabiduría (Wisdom)
is an invocation for the wisdom that is the inheritance and legacy of every human being.

I chose to match a drawing with each poem because it is in drawing that I feel closer to poetry in words. Most of the drawings were originally inspired by the poetry of good friends who have collaborated with me in the publication Life, Art and Letters (lifeartandletters.blogspot.com). Also, a playful surprise accompanies “Canción al corazón.” But you have to open the book to see it! (Oh well, I guess you just need to look at the photos... I just couldn't resist!)

I hope this book will be received as a little treasure to read or use when you need a special poem to express an idea that is difficult to put into words. I offer you these words to use and share with the people that you love deeply and infinitely.

In the hope of helping to bring more love, peace and joy into our world, I send this words today with the wish that you will want to have one of these little books in your home and in your heart, to keep or to give.

With all my love, always,

The book is signed and numbered on the back.

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Corazon said...

WOW! Hasta aca me llegaron los destellos de luz que emana este libro y obra de arte.

Felicitacines por este alumbramiento hermoso.

Maria Mar said...

Hi, Tanya, It’s absolutely gorgeous! CONGRATULATIONS!