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Friday, October 07, 2011

New Exotic Ladies: Paintings on Tile

Taína Spirit of the Coquí
This Taína is inspired by our Taíno heritage, the Native Americans of Puerto Rico. On her shoulder it the little coquí, her faithful companion, the voice of the mountain and the forest.

African Lady of Beauty and Spirituality
She is inspired by our African heritage as Human Beings.
This is the second version of this lady.

Exotic Lady: Muse of the Leaves
She is the Muse of the Leaves. A bindi on her forehead makes her a beautiful princess of the forest. Bring her home for a touch of beauty and inspiration every day!

These new paintings on 6" x 6" tiles are now available in my Etsy Shop.
They are $50 each. Or come visit my studio to see them in person!

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Robbie Marinero said...

Do a lot of people know where your studio is? Your friends and other supporters probably visit to check out your new work often. I guess placing them in your Etsy shop would also help you gain more reputation since you do open your wares to the public. Good luck on your business… Continue to share your incredible talent!

Tanya said...

Thank you so much Robbie! I guess I am kind of assuming most people who come by this blog know me, but it is not good to assume anything! My studio is in NYC, East Harlem, and people can contact me anytime they wish to come by. Thanks for visiting from Canada! Good luck with your business too!!!