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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love photos from Vee

On Saturday night, we had the opening of Heaven and Earth at Da Urban Butterflies in Washington Heights. I didn't expect to give an artist talk, but that's what happened! Except, it was not the common artist talk, but a spontaneous conversation I never dared to have in public or even in private... 

It was the beautiful group of people who were present that held me safe to express what my artwork is really about. I heard myself telling all the stories of miraculous happenings in my life and the connections with  the paintings. We had a group of people of all ages, young girls, seniors, fully blossomed women doing good in the world. Young men! That was pretty much a first! And I felt so held in their energy that the stories just flowed and touched. Apparently, it was not just me who felt fully blessed, but I have been receiving messages from the people present, especially in Facebook. Here are some photos shared by Vee, and her message:

"Your honest and beautiful words about your journey and your inspirational moments still resonate in my heart. I pray more people can experience the joy you bring to others when you share your work. Bravo!"

Necklace of the piece Cacibayagua.

Print and mini print in an altar setting by Vee.
Another photo with my cell phone:  with table ready for a workshop on Sunday.

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