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Friday, April 06, 2012

Atabey Gives Birth to the Coquí

Atabey da a luz al Coquí por Tanya Torres
Atabey Gives Birth to the Coquí by Tanya Torres, Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16", 2012. 

I wanted to paint Atabey, Taíno mother of all creatures, earth goddess, mother of the god, giving birth to the coquí, the most representative creature of the island of Puerto Rico.

But she began looking like the Ánima Sola or Lonely Soul, a Catholic image brought from Europe that has evolved in America to become syncretized with some of the native and African religions. She has become a sort of goddess of love spells.

My Atabey passionately loves the earth, life, birth. In Taíno mythology, she gave birth to the "main god" Yukiyú or Yucahu. And so, she is the Mother of God, and the mother of all creatures. How might a goddess give birth? A fire that does not burn, a light that does not blind, but imparts life.

Her little child still sings for us every evening, reminding us of who lives within our own heart.

Common Coquí © Public Domain

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Daliaflor "Espiritu del Bosque" said...

Coquí, coquí... Atabey mamá coquí. Eres bella e impartes ternura alegría y jolgorio. jajaja ... Bravo por Atabey que se manifestó en el pincel para ser recordada una vez más.

Erin O'Riordan said...


Neechay said...

Hello, could you tell me the meaning of her tatoo ?