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Thursday, January 05, 2017

My Fashion Show: This Should Put a Smile on Your Face :)

All I can say is: It was fun!

We had a full house for the one day exhibition by the Seven Women in Movement, a group of women artists that I am part of and that was formed with the intention of presenting work about the current situation of Puerto Rico. My political art days are long over, so the pieces I am working on for the show in 2018 have more to do with wishes of protection, but in the meantime we are doing exhibitions with work we already have done and this was the second one.

Creating the fashion designs was one of my most exciting projects of 2016 since, for a long time, I had been wishing to create something like this, but had not found a way. When I received the VIDA  invitation I got to work right away and it was one of those graceful and magical moment of flow. I am very happy with the products. My only wish is that VIDA could accelerate the production process, since it takes almost 2 months for the pieces to arrive. Although I have to say: they are worth it.

I hope the fashion show makes you smile!

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