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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Things that Keep Me Going

A Cacibayagua necklace brought as a gift for the women of Dominican Republic who participate in a project created by Dr. Vilma Caban-Vazquez, Ed.D. that promotes economic empowerment for battered women. See her website here: http://doctoravazquez.wordpress.com
"Thank you so much Tanya Torres!!! As advocacy researcher for The Latina Project: "Breaking the Cycle & Breaking the Silence of Domestic Violence" I am deeply grateful for your artistic contribution to my project. 

Tanya Torres consented for me to use her inspirational and cultural iconic figure—Cacibayagua: Taina Goddess— in any promotional literature and research reports sharing the worked centered on The Latina Domestic Violence Research Project. 

In August 2013, when the research team traveled back to Bonao, Dr. Caban-Vazquez delivered an inspirational gift especially designed to inspire the ten domestic violence victims. Tanya Torres lovingly hand–crafted unique wearable art necklaces with the inspirational image of Cacibayagua— the mythical Taina Goddess. Traditional Dominican folklore describes how Cacibayagua is the original life source of the indigenous Taino Indians that emerged from her beautiful cave. The inspirational intention behind sharing this gift is to encourage the women. In the face of adversity and their personal decision to renounce the economic stranglehold of their abusers, these empowered women can recall the legend of Cacibayagua. The necklace signifies their promise and legacy as Latina women and descendants of the rich Taino culture. It is a symbolic reminder to tap into the spiritual strength of their inner Taina goddess. This artistic gift serves as a beautiful and concrete reminder of their legacy and the promise of their destiny as “empowered” women and not “beaten” women! Tanya Torres...YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN:-)"

No I did not! You did, Dra. Váquez!!! And I'm honored that you thought my art worthy of such a beautiful cause. Thank you.

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Maria Mar said...

Que obra bella! La tuya y la de la Doctora. Gracias por inspirarme.