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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mary Magdalene of the Tears at Her New Home

The Magdalene has brought me many blessings. A couple of months ago, I met someone through Etsy who ordered a print of Mary Magdalene of the Tears. We began a conversation that has brought much joy to my heart, and cooking!

Michelle, in whose altar the original painting is now, sent me some very nice and practical gifts from her home in Lousiana, including two alligator musicians for salt and pepper, and pot holders with recipes!! But best of all, she has sent me much love and friendship and new ties of sisterhood in a way that not so long ago would not have been possible. It takes trust and much love to buy a painting through the Internet from someone you have never seen, but Michelle trusted me and I thank her. Here are the pictures she sent me of the painting.

Thank you Michelle for sharing these photos and your heart. Hope to meet you in person one day!

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