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Thursday, January 03, 2013


The Extraction of God by Tanya Torres
Digital artwork, 2004
Battle Body Series
In 2008, I received a link from artist and friend Yasmin Hernández in which she shared a information about a grant for women artists who are living with cancer or are cancer survivors. I applied, but never heard anything else about it... until today! I got a letter 4 years later informing me I have received the $500 grant to use in any way I want.

I feel deeply moved and grateful, and hope to use the money in some way that benefits other cancer survivors/patients. Since it has been a while, I do not have a specific plan yet, but I have begun by creating a page to the cancer-inspired artwork I made after receiving the stem-cell transplant, titled the Battle Body Series. I look forward to also making available the English translation of the poems. Here is a free book with the poems in Spanish. This book also contains instructions on how to construct your own hand-made book.

Women artists: for more information and to apply for this grant, please visit: Capelli d'Angeli Foundation.

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