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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poetry Murals

It feels so good to have finally completed all my poetry murals! Here they are, including 4 additional "last minute" murals that Mr. Soto, the school principal, asked me to create 2 months before the biggest day at the school: Mano a Mano, when all the school's creations are presented in a big performance and as exhibitions throughout the building.

The murals are all painted and written on approximately 60 4" x 4" tiles. The project began last year, when the school children asked Mr. Soto to fix the bathrooms. He moved Heaven and Earth to achieve the much needed—and very expensive—renovation of 6 school bathrooms, and thought to integrate poetry and art as a reminder that creativity and dreams are all around us!

Personally, I feel this project integrates a lot of who I am by bringing together word and image. Of course, they are also meant to reflect the principal's vision for the school and the idea for the picassoesque figures came from the children's own work with the schools' art teacher, Ms. Turtle. The poetry is all mine. Here they are!

Girls, First Floor

Boys, First Floor

Girls, Second Floor

Boys, Second Floor

Girls, Third Floor

Boys, Third Floor


Anonymous said...

The tiles are so beautiful and so inspiring. May your words inspire the children to greatness and may the colors shine through on days that are darkest to them.

raquelzrivera said...

Beautiful words by Anonymous. I second them!

And I hope you are celebrating this great artistic accomplishment. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

me encanta la idea de caminar por mi colegio a los 8 o 10 años y ver en los pasillos, baños, escaleras, etc ..... palabras que me estimulen, dibujos que me permitan pensar y soñar en imagenes. son muy afortunados los muchachos que tienen esa oportunidad....un abrazo. El faro en stamford.

Maria Mar said...

You are a Fairy! Bless you, Tanya, for this beautiful work of love. I was not aware of how many murals you had made. They are, each and every one of them, magnificent! They are magical, beautiful, soulful and joyful. They inspire and uplift and the poetry is the alchemy of the heart. I am so proud of you as my friend, that you've done this great work. Congratulations. Make sure that you celebrate yourself and that you document all this. My Goddess! What a gift you and Mr. Soto are giving these children and all who come after. This truly uplifts my spirit and inspires me. Light and love, Maria Mar