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Friday, September 24, 2010

Song of the Magdalene: María Magdalena

Oil on Canvas Board, 7” x 9”, 2005

My friend Migdalia made a comment yesterday that anticipated what I wanted to say about this painting. She said that the Magdalene looked Hispanic. She saw her like her own self. And this is what I intend for all of the Magdalenes: to make them look universal. I think that, if you look at this Magdalene, she could be from America, or Africa or the Middle East, or even Europe. She is you and she is me, the sacred feminine in all of us.

I painted Mary Magdalene in prayer because it is a universal praying gesture human beings use to connect with themselves and with the divine. Her eyes are closed from distractions, she is looking within in order to really see. This way, her light becomes bright yellow because her whole being is responding to this timeless moment.

When I paint her, I think of the Magdalene more as an idea than as an actual person who lived years ago. As a child, I heard somewhere, somehow, that we human beings are all part of a whole. I used to imagine myself as a dot of light going towards a great big Sun. I guess I was meditating without knowing it. Many people also believe in spirits, angels, and saints, and that these energies are all around us. I didn't think much of these things as I was painting this Magdalene, but later on, I realized that ideas become a reality when I am painting. I feel connected to the Magdalene in both of those ways: as part of a whole, and as a presence that guides me. By paying attention to what happens when I paint (or stop painting,) I have come to feel guided and nourished by the presence I identify as the Magdalene.

Last month I decided to write all these experiences, but they came out as a really long essay that I can't really share here. My conclusion, however, is that I have been discovering what it means to be "fully human", two words that struck me when I read the Gospel of Mary. In many ways, she has become my muse and my guide into the world of the imagination, a very human quality that is part of our "fullness."

This is the second Magdalene I painted in 2005. I always start with a drawing, and what I look for is a sort of iconic image, lines that will help define the character of the painting. I always try to remember to keep these drawings for another project that I am working on, a coloring book, so here it is. It is a little gift for you to express my gratitude for your visit to this blog. Download it and color it, make it your own and remember the bliss of creation!
https://files.me.com/tanyaetorres/zej2h2 (available for the next 5 days)

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Valerie Gross said...

what a beautiful painting in image and words, fully human indeed is so much more than we generally admit.
hello from one NYC woman guided and inspired by Mary Magdalene in her life and art to another such one, hoy, escritora!

Hoy, artista said...

Hi Valerie! It's so nice to meet you. I am in NYC too! Thank you so much for your comment. I look forward to reading your writing, escritora!!!

Maria Mar said...

Hi, Tanya,
Thanks for another beautiful Magdalene. I appreciate now the palette of the Magdalene collection as it comes out of this painting. It's really great to see them in order.
The nails of this Magdalene have been calling my attention. Today I realize why. It's the power of Mudras. Her praying hands form a Mudra. Mudra is a gesture that incorporates the power of Sacred Geometry in a form of meditation. I love Mudras and find them very powerful to help us change old habits or manifest our desires. By incorporationg movement and Sacred Geometry, Mudras add power to our thoughts. This Magdalene is not only meditating, but creating sacred alchemy through her intention and Mudra.

Thanks for the gift! You are a generous spirit. That is why abundance flows to you.

Light and love,
Maria Mar

Yanice said...

Tania: Tu artes es impresionante. Dios ha puesto un talento en ti maravilloso, que permite traducir tu vision sobre la vida en obras de arte. Eres un orgullo para nuestra familia. Dios te bendiga abundantemente!

Hoy, artista said...

María, your comments are such gifts. In writing this post, I did a little, tiny research about this, but you have enriched it so much. I like the idea of Sacred Geometry and evoking it in my painting. thank you so much!

Yanice, tener a mi primita por aquí es un gran honor y un tremendo placer. Gracias por tu comentario y que Dios te colme de bendiciones a ti también.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, your magdalena are beautiful. You are being bathed in light, 2012 is all about shifting to a higher vibrancy of Love. This is only the beginning of your light pouring thru and touching us all so very deeply. Gracias!!! Diane